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This is a mobile interface to the EHRs in three hospitals, designed closely with clinicians. It uses modern user experience design and performance tuning: for example by preloading patient data in a manner similar to how email apps load messages instantly. It helps them manage their appointments, safety plan, resources, and other important aspects of their care. Reducing Risks for Women Everhealthier Women is a mobile web app for women to manage preventativ health tasks.

It sends reminders as interactive text messages.

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It also lets the user add family and friends in order to track their prevention tasks. Winner in a Health 2. It lists prevention behaviors and other tasks according to the age and sex of the user, and then lets the user track progress. We are now also building an iPhone app for this project. There is a brief poster pdf for this site. Epinephrine Reminder System via Text Messaging For the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine we developed a full platform for interactive messaging with clinical study participants about remembering epinephrine pens.

Sending and receiving texts; administrative web interface for managing participants, messages, and data. Focused on disadvantaged families, it also has SMS text messaging features. Database of Global Health A simple interface for finding global health job and internship opportunities. Database by the Akili Initiative. Mobile Web Site for Quality Care Metrics A bilingual web site providing detailed quality comparison of hospitals and outpatient facilities across a wide variety of metrics.

Optimized for iPads and other tablets in addition to smartphones. There is a presentation pdf for this project. Answers are immediately accessible electronically by the physician. Screening analysis is performed automatically and results are summarized. We do data processing and mining including indexing for high performance analysis.

We consult in data architecture challenges. Clinical Data Our experience with a variety of programming languages, databases, and platforms allows us to tackle challenges in data transfer, storage, and interoperability. We apply human computer interaction research principles to improve the collection of discrete data. By leveraging high scale data with modern analysis and indexing techniques we can help with clinical decision support systems.

Data Visualization We specialize in interactive data tools for clinicians, researchers, and policy-makers to explore a data set. We use Web standards that are compatible with all browsers including Internet Explorer version 7 and above. We have a background in perception research Damien has a degree in cognitive psychology , information processing, and visualization research and best practices.

Bidirectional conversations allow patients to be reminded of health behaviors while also giving feedback to the system. Health communication messages can be tailored to each participant based on state of readiness, beliefs, perceived norms, etc. Mobile Interfaces We develop iPhone and iPad apps for health promotion and care.

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A mobile app is a great way to collect patient reported outcomes data. Therefore, that they may not, under pretext of error of this sort, excuse themselves in the future for the excesses of such prohibited intercourse, we decree that such Jews and Saracens of both sexes in every Christian province and at all times shall be marked off in the eyes of the public from other peoples through the character of their dress.

Particularly, since it may be read in the writings of Moses [ Numbers —41 ], that this very law has been enjoined upon them.